HIS-a za 2 invites you to an unforgettable experience

“The birds are singing, a deer is chirping in the woods, music is playing from a gramophone and the view invites you to an unforgettable trip.”
The traditional ethno Bela krajina house, which we named HIS-a za 2 (which means “a house for two”), is ready to receive you with all the warmth and softness.

No, this is no ordinary apartment.

”This is a Bela krajina’s traditional house from the 19th century,
which my husband and I have been restoring completely on our own
for 20 long years.“
In the renovation of our HIS, we used natural materials from the past and almost nothing from the store. Wondering why renting a unique HIS cottage for 2 is so special?

Photo: Alenka Stražišar Lamovšek

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